Recruiting and retaining qualified employees poses a challenge for many companies because compensation structures are frequently the decisive factor for individuals entertaining offers of employment and advancement.

One of the best ways to determine whether compensation structures are providing the maximum benefit to both the company and its candidates is to obtain an independent third party analysis of employee compensation industry wide. EBS’s consultants provide this informative analysis through an in depth study.

EBS’s team of compensation experts analyze the structures in place and provide alternatives and enhancements, to help employers recruit the best candidates. In addition, we assist in developing compensation plans that provide our clients with tax saving benefits.

Our compensation studies include analysis of base compensation across an industry, as well as analysis and recommendations on Incentive Compensation Programs, Qualified Retirement Plans, Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans, and other benefits, incentives, and perquisites that relate to the various positions in a firm.

The analysis and recommendations EBS provides are powerful tools in designing the most competitive and motivational compensation structures that a company can offer its candidates and current employees.