Each company operates on a set of values that guide all business processes. When a company is successful, these values are in line with corporate objectives. Executive compensation solutions should be closely tied to the company’s values and goals. This ensures that compensation stays on track with performance and increases intrinsic value for the company, employees and shareholders.

Today’s economy and tomorrow’s growth projections impact compensation trends in every economic sector. EBS continuously monitors these trends, looking for connections that will help our clients stay ahead of the curve. Our consultants can provide comparative reports that demonstrate the best direction to achieve recruitment and retention goals.

Business succession planning

Business owner succession services utilize a comprehensive approach to business transition that can help you navigate through your business and personal financial life cycles. Our team includes professionals trained in diverse disciplines to help you manage each step of the succession process and steer a path that leads to your strategic goals

In a natural business cycle, a company progresses from launch as a start up to growth to a mature, established company. At each stage the owner faces different challenges and planning needs. Regardless of its stage of development, changes in one area of planning can dramatically and immediately impact other areas.

Our approach helps owners to understand and plan for these effects in the following areas:

  • Business/Financial Planning
  • Personal Financing Planning
  • Management Succession Planning
  • Ownership Transition Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Business Succession Action Plan

Executive disability insurance

Given Long Term Disability Plans were initially created for the “salary-only” employee, they can be poorly suited for companies with varied employee populations who receive compensation in various forms. Highly compensated employees get shortchanged due to the lack of coverage for bonuses and other incentives. At little or no cost and without administrative hassles to the company, disability plans can be restructured to offer employees coverage that addresses these concerns during working years and into retirement.

Many corporate Long Term Disability Plans do not protect employees to the extent they expect. Benefit maximums, tax implications, and covered compensation limitations can result in benefits that are far less than expected at claim time. Our designs incorporate a combination of group and non-experience rated contracts to more fully protect employees. In many situations, our improved designs can result in an immediate cost savings and long term rate guarantees. Our enrollment procedures, quality assurance, and administrative systems set EBS apart.

Long Term Care Insurance (LTC)

Employees dedicate years to building a secure nest egg for a worry-free retirement lifestyle, yet a long-term illness can quickly deplete money otherwise earmarked for post-retirement living and financially devastate the individual.

While many people plan for future financial risks with life insurance and disability insurance, most fail to recognize the need for Long Term Care (LTC) coverage or do not realize that typical healthcare plans exclude it.

With the passage of the HIPAA in 1996, Congress cleared the way for LTC coverage to enjoy the same tax benefits as major medical insurance. Specifically, employers can deduct the costs of establishing a LTC program.

EBS customizes LTC product offerings to provide executives with affordable and practical coverage. We work with many top insurance carriers to help acquire competitive products and help adapt them to fit the specific needs of our clients.

Features may include

  • Skilled in-home care
  • Facility-based care
  • Tax-free benefits
  • Inflation protection
  • Premiums waived during disability

Compensation Studies

Recruiting and retaining qualified employees poses a challenge for many companies because compensation structures are frequently the decisive factor for individuals entertaining offers of employment and advancement.

One of the best ways to determine whether compensation structures are providing the maximum benefit to both the company and its candidates is to obtain an independent third party analysis of employee compensation industry wide. EBS’s consultants provide this informative analysis through an in depth study.

EBS’s team of compensation experts analyze the structures in place and provide alternatives and enhancements, to help employers recruit the best candidates. In addition, we assist in developing compensation plans that provide our clients with tax saving benefits.

Our compensation studies include analysis of base compensation across an industry, as well as analysis and recommendations on Incentive Compensation Programs, Qualified Retirement Plans, Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans, and other benefits, incentives, and perquisites that relate to the various positions in a firm.

The analysis and recommendations EBS provides are powerful tools in designing the most competitive and motivational compensation structures that a company can offer its candidates and current employees.

Stock Appreciation Rights (Sars)

Stock Appreciation Rights (SAR) are a way to give an executive a stake in the company’s growth (as reflected in its stock price) without actually having to invest in the company’s stock. A SAR provides an executive with a cash bonus measured by appreciation in the value of company stock from the time the rights are granted over a set or determinable period of time. In addition to appreciation rights, which may not be realized for some time, the executive may be awarded further payments equal to the amount of dividends paid on the stock.

SARs provide flexibility in stock-based deferred compensation plans. A SAR eliminates one of the major problems associated with stock options and stock purchase plans, which is that the executive must actually spend money or otherwise commit to acquiring the company’s stock.

Estate and Financial Planning

We are in uncharted times for the business community. The rapid growth of new technologies, coupled with globalization, the diversification of capital markets, and increasingly complex governance and regulatory issues are forcing corporate executives to spend more time and energy seeking solutions to enhance the long term prospects of their companies and to reward their shareholders.

But who is watching out for the executives’ long term financial security?

EBS professionals provide comprehensive, individualized, personal financial planning for the people who run organizations. With our assistance, executives can be confident that their financial needs are being addressed and they can focus their attention on what they do best, managing the company to its fullest.

Personal financial planning services include:

  • Goal Setting
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Debt Management
  • Compensation Planning
  • Stock Option Planning
  • Income Tax Planning and Preparation
  • Retirement and Benefits Planning
  • Education Funding Planning
  • Estate and Gift Planning

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